The Rhythm & Hues piano program, developed by Co-founder and Music Director, Mary Lou Hannibal integrates traditional and innovative teaching methods.  Unique incentive games, competitions, informal performance opportunities as well as formal ones accent a program that is then customized to fit each student's unique needs.  A highlight is our annual piano recitals at Joslyn Art Museum which are held each spring!  Students at all levels have the opportunity to perform!  Mary Lou has been teaching piano for over 30 years and is a member of  IMTO, OMTA and NMTA.

Our exceptional teaching staff combines years of experience with traditional methods, fun incentive programs and educational tools.  A personalized program, based on individual goals, is created for each student - a program that fosters a love of music, leading to a mastery of piano skills.   Performance opportunities are available through Piano Party Workshops, honors and invitational recitals and Piano Play-Offs.  Formal recitals, open to students at all levels, are held each spring at Joslyn Art Museum.   

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Member OMTA, NMTA, MTNA, and IMTA.