Children's Art

Children’s Art Classes are designed for children at varying levels of experience and ability.  Our studio space allows us to divide classes with varying ages into separate groups, with separate instructors!  Project goals are individualized to meet the needs of each student.

Intermediate / Advanced Art

The Rhythm & Hues curriculum is expanded as the intermediate and advanced art student sets personal artistic goals.  College bound high-school students will receive instruction on the building of a well-rounded portfolio.

Adult Art

Adult artists at all levels are welcome! Enjoy personalized instruction in small classes with others who are also interested in developing their creative abilities.

Ladies Night

Cast off your cares, call up a sitter, put down your brief case and pick up a paint brush!!  Women of all ages, and all ability levels are welcome!  Beginners need not be afraid! ☺  Color, composition and technique will all be discussed! Sometimes we focus on specific well-known artists and recreate paintings in either the artist's style or the student's. Sometimes pure imagination is our guide!  Come, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, discover your inner artist and leave with a masterpiece!!

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