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What makes ART CLASSES at Rhythm & Hues different? 

Our unique curriculum, our nurturing, family owned studio setting,

our 30-year history, and our dedicated teachers!  

Meet Our Co-founders and Owners, Mary Lou, Wendy & Amy:

Amy Hannibal Cowman & Wendy Hannibal Summers each hold Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees and each have over 30 years of classroom experience.  In addition to teaching adults and children at the studio, Amy is the K-8 art teacher at St. Stephen the Martyr School in Omaha.  Wendy, who also has a Master of Arts degree, is a licensed mental health counselor, and when she is not at the studio, she is incorporating art therapy into her counseling practice.  Additionally, Wendy & Amy are sisters, mothers, professional artists active within the Omaha community and both bring the compilation of their experiences and education to each class!

With over four decades of teaching experience, Mary Lou Hannibal, integrates traditional and innovative teaching methods into the Rhythm and Hues' Piano Program. Beginning and young piano students are introduced to various artists' styles and techniques.  More experienced students learn to appreciate the way artistic approach affects expression!   A highlight is our annual piano recital at Joslyn Art Museum, which is held each spring.  Mary Lou enjoys running the studio with her daughters, Wendy and Amy!  She is a member of IMTO, OMTA and NMTA.












About Our Studio:

Rhythm & Hues first opened it's doors in 1990.  We've resided in 3 different locations but love our current space most of all!  Our family-owned, professional teaching studio turns 30 this year!  Our goals, however, remain the same as they have for the past 3 decades ~ to connect our students and their families with excellent instruction in a nurturing environment, to provide individualized attention and encourage a life-long appreciation of art and music! 


Our fabulous teaching staff includes former art students -Sarah Labs, Emily Sippel and Annie Wang.  Sarah, Emily & Annie all became part of our Rhythm & Hues family years ago as children.  Sarah and Emily are both now talented professionals in their own right!  (You can check out Sarah's beautiful artwork here!)  Annie is currently studying art at Vassar College! (Check out Annie's awesome art here.) The painting studio of another Rhythm & Hues family member, local artist Jon Summers, occupies the back portion of our space on "G" Court.  You can view his work here on our website or ask for a private showing!  His large abstract oil paintings are truly awe-inspiring!

Research shows that there are tremendous benefits for all ages as they engage with the fine arts, so adults and children alike will find opportunities at our studio!  Ongoing classes and workshops are offered throughout the year.  Some students come for just a month at a time, others attend classes year round.  2 awesome Childrens' Art Shows are held each year.  Adult Art shows are also held periodically!  Private Art Parties are another option.  They are a blast and can be customized for any group, young or "not so young!" Art for Health & Wholeness workshops are offered and are designed to introduce high-schoolers, college students and adults to the stress relieving and and therapeutic benefits of art! Private Art Therapy sessions with a licensed therapist (Wendy Summers, PLMHP) are also available to individuals at any age, children and adults.  

Please let us know if you have questions about our studio or any of our programs!  Give us a call or explore this website for information and fun photos!  We’re so thrilled to be able to share our love of the arts with you!

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